On 6 August 1977, born in city Černihiv in Soviet Union (now Ukraine). Real name is Olena Lytvynenko

1984 - 1992 High School in Černihiv with a focus on " Art and Aesthetics"
Class with the in-depth music education

1992 - 1995 Nurse Education in Černihiv

1995 - 2000 Studies of Biology and Pedagogy at the University of Yuri Fed'kovič , Černivci , Ukraine

2004 - 2011 Study of Art and Cultural Studies at the Albert- Ludwigs- University of Freiburg , Germany

Artistic education was self-taught . I am particularly grateful, however, for the encounter with the origami master Yoko Mori and calligraphy teacher Shizuka Kishigami and big thank for mediation of the Japanese culture to Naomi Hiroe and for the inspiration Minoru Matsukawa.